In 2015, we shared with you an incredible list of 100 Photographers to Watch, and although all of these artists are surely worth watching again this year, if there’s one thing we know, it’s that the talent in the photography community is truly immeasurable. So this year, we resolved to present you with 100 entirely new artists to add to your must-follow list.

Like last year, our staff, mentors, and editors began by exploring both the web and social media to assemble a massive collection of photographer finds and favorites. From the resulting list of nominees, 22 talented photographers and image curators voted for those whose work they are most excited to follow this year, and we are thrilled to present this list of 100 more photographers to watch: some we’ve discovered just recently, some we’ve been enjoying for years, some up-and-coming talent, some continuing to set new standards and trends.

So grab a cup of coffee and get ready to be inspired. These are our “100 Photographers to Watch in 2016“!

Adrian Sommeling
adrian sommeling
Alison Winterroth
alison winterroth
Amanda Voelker
amanda voelker
Amy Rushbrook
amy rushbrook
Anita Martin
anita martin
Antonieta Esis
antonieta esis
Ben McRae
ben mcrae
Bonnie Carrender
bonnie carrender
Carolyn Brandt
carolyn brandt
Cassandra Casley
cassandra casley
Christopher Kerksieck
christopher kerksieck
Danielle Navratil
danielle navratil
Dylan Furst
dylan furst
Emily Delamater
emily delamater
Emily Mitchell
emily mitchell
Ginger Unzueta
ginger unzueta
Heather Burris
heather burris
Hugh Forte
hugh forte
Jacquelyn Hayward
jacquelyn hayward
Jean Smith
jean smith
Jen Ervin
jen ervin
Jenny A Rogers
jenny a rogers
Jess Jackson
jess jackson
Jessica Haderlie
jessica haderlie
Jo Lien
jo lien
Joy Prouty
joy prouty
Kat Mervyn
kat mervyn
Kelly Paulson
kelly paulson
Kimberly Walla
kimberly walla
Kris + Lauren Penland
kris + lauren penland
Liz Franco
liz franco
Mae Burke
mae burke
Matt and Anna
matt and anna
Megan Dill
megan dill
Melina Nastazia
melina nastazia
Mike Mezeul II
mike mezeul ii
Mohd Firdaus Zulkefili
mohd firdaus zulkefili
Monika Colichio
monika colichio
Niki Boon
niki boon
Olivia Gatti
olivia gatti
Rachelle Derouin
rachelle derouin
Ryan Muirhead
ryan muirhead
Samantha Kelly
samantha kelly
Sara Garcia
sara garcia
Shari + Mike
shari + mike
Sonia Bourdon
sonia bourdon
Thea Courtney
thea courtney
Tiffany Kelly
tiffany kelly
Tyler Branch
tyler branch
Yasmina Cowan
yasmina cowan
Alexandra Huff
alexandria huff
Alpana Aras
alpana aras
Amy Lucinda
amy lucinda
Amy Wenzel
amy wenzel
Annie Morris
annie morris
Ashley Jennett
ashley jennett
Benjamin Heath
benjamin heath
Brooke Schultz
brooke schultz
Casey McCauley
casey mccauley
Christine Keegan
christine keegan
Courtney Larson
courtney larson
Davina + Daniel
davina + daniel
Ed Peers
ed peers
Emily Magers
emily magers
Fer Juaristi
fer juaristi
Halee Betzner
halee betzner
Holly Donovan
holly donovan
Jackie Jean
jackie jean
Jamie and Heather Schneider
jamie and heather schneider
Jeff Newsom
jeff newsom
Jenny McElroy
jenny mcelroy
Jeremy Deputat
jeremy deputat
Jess Soper
jess jackson
Jessica Perez
jessica perez
Jordan Voth
jordan voth
Justine Boulin
justine boulin
Kate Densmore
kate densmore
Kelly Sutton
kelly sutton
Kirsten Lewis
kirsten lewis
Kyla Ewert
kyla ewert
Liz LaBianca
liz labianca
Marta Locklear
marta locklear
Megan Carswell Gladden
megan carswell gladden
Megan Loeks
megan loeks
Meredith Novario
meredith novario
Mike Olbinski
mike olbinski
Molly Flanagan
molly flanagan
Nate and Amanda Howard
nate and amanda howard
Nirav Patel
nirav patel
Phil Wenger
phil wenger
Ro Birkey
ro birkey
Sam Hurd
sam hurd
Samm Blake
samm blake
Shalonda Chaddock
shalonda chaddock
Sharon Covert
sharon covert
Taryn Boyd
taryn boyd
Theron Humphrey
theron humphrey
Tonhya Kae
tonhya kae
Willie Kers
willie kers
Zalmy Berkowitz
zalmy berkowitz

PS – Which photographers are you most excited to watch in 2016? We’re constantly amazed by the tremendous talent in the photography community, and we’d love to hear your favorites, too (whether they are on this list or not!).

2016 Selection Panel:

Kendra Okolita, Founder

Amy Lockheart, Senior Editor (Click Magazine)

Cameron Bishopp, Editor-in-Chief (Click Magazine)

Julia Tulley, Executive Assistant

Beth Mancuso

Caroline Jensen

Elena S Blair

Kellie Bieser

Lacey Meyers

Lisa Tichané

Rachel Nielsen

Sarah Wilkerson, CEO

April Nienhuis, Director of Online Media

Jen Bebb, Director of Click Pro

Michelle Turner, Director of Click Photo School

Brittany Chandler

Celeste Pavlik

Elle Walker

Kristen Ryan

Lisa Benemelis

Mickie DeVries

Sally Molhoek