10 reasons to attend Click Away


Need a reason to attend the Click Away photography conference in October? We’ve got 10 for ya and there’s still a million more reasons to go!

1. Get out of town! We’ll take you beyond the walls of the Marriott Rivercenter for offsite shooting that covers styled children’s sessions, posing, finding great light and more.

2. Your goal of making Sue Bryce your best bud starts here. Let’s get that bestie ball a ‘rollin’.

Click Away 2015 teachers in San Antonio

3. You do know that there are over 150 classes covering loads of subjects, right? Let’s just go ahead and agree that 150 is a lot.

4. So you don’t feel like renting a car? Well, don’t! You can walk straight to the buffet/bar/Starbucks after your branding and style photography talk.

5. We love our yoga pants but we also love to get dressed up once in a while. Grab your party wear and hit the red carpet at the VOICE Gallery Night!

Red carpet photos from the Voice gallery night at Click Away 2014

6. Your last client wore tight fitting polyester and brought his cat along to the session. Whatdaya say we do some portfolio building against a sparkling Riverwalk backdrop?

7. Fist bumps to all pros! High fives to all beginners! Jazz hands to all hobbyists! You are ALL welcome at Click Away!

fist bumps at Click Away in Salt Lake City
*image by Lisa Benemelis

8. Who cares if you don’t know anyone?! No worries! Only friendly people are going, and by the time you leave you’ll be the homecoming queen.

9. Have you even SEEN the shooting locations around San Antonio? Go on, Google Streetview that pretty place and discover where you’ll be photographing your new friends.

10. We have small boutique classes on portraiture, vision, light, and lifestyle – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Good luck choosing amongst all that goodness.

Ready to attend? Register for Click Away now!


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