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black and white photo of boy putting on his cleats by Addie Sheahin

6 Skills Every Photographer Should Develop

So you’ve purchased or maybe been gifted a fancy new camera and you have a desire to take better pictures.

You may just want to see your subjects in better focus and properly exposed or you have always had the desire to create art with a camera. Whatever the reason, what’s next? What skills should you build in order to become a better photographer and create the beautiful images you desire?

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girl smiling in a field by Kaela Elliott

6 Tips for Photographing Children in a Natural Way

Children are wonderful! Parents want photographs of their little ones that genuinely show personalities and memories. I love photographing children in a natural way and capturing genuine smiles and moments parents will cherish forever. Whether you are photographing your own children or your client’s children, you can implement these tips and get genuine, natural photographs.

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Iceland, Day 5

3 things to photograph (other than kids) this summer!

The warm weather and longer days are beckoning me out of the house.

Whether it’s in my backyard or way out yonder in the wilderness, I have developed a love of photographing wildlife, landscapes and lately a little bit of outdoor macro too. I love being able to slow down, concentrate on the creative process and connect with the peacefulness of Mother Nature. (And as a bonus, I never have to bribe my subjects with ice cream to pose for me for five minutes!) Want to give it a try? Here are a few tips to get you started!

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picture of young girl sleeping in the car by Brittany Blake

Single Frame Project: could you take only one photo a day?

Photographer to photographer, mother to mother, I ask you; Have you been in a place where you felt an overwhelming desire to surrender yourself to creativity, but didn’t know how? Have you admired Personal Projects or 365s of friends, or other photographers, but the mere thought of undertaking a daily shooting project for yourself seemed unattainable?

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boy watching a parade by Holly Berfield

How to photograph your family’s fun out and about adventures

Every January – okay, more like March – I order an annual family photo album filled with the previous year’s adventures. For weeks, my boys pore over the memories stored in the pages. Sometimes I wonder how many of our outings, travels, laughs would be lost to time, if not captured with a few well-placed clicks. I don’t want to miss a single one.

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Crystal Gonsalves

23 Inspiring Pictures of People and Things Growing

One of our favorite posts here on the Clickin Moms blog each month is this one, the monthly member share. We love throwing a theme out to the forum members and seeing how they interpret it. This month, guest judge Christy Johnson chose the theme of ‘Growing’ and there were so many fantastic images submitted. Enjoy…

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