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indoor photo during the golden hour by Megan Squires

6 things you probably didn’t know about the golden hour

Who doesn’t love that beautiful time of day when the suns slants over the horizon, washing the landscape in rich, fiery hues? For photographers, golden hour often becomes the hour: the time to schedule our sessions, the opportunity to create dreamy and angelic portraits, the hour to count on for its consistency and beauty. Golden hour is commonly our “go-to,” but there are several aspects of this shooting time that may not be so commonly known.

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silhouette of tree and child by Lauren Penland

The versatility of backlighting

Backlight is my absolute favorite.

If given the choice of any lighting situation, I always choose backlight, no matter my subject. It is magical and it is flattering and believe it or not…versatile. I can place my subject in-between me and the sun and get so many different effects. I can create a sun-soaked, low contrast dreamy image or even a dramatic, moody image with emphasis on shadows. Here are some examples and how to achieve the desired result.

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girl dressed up by Sarah Carlson

Children’s View: photographing the way they see the world

Motherhood drives me to photography. My memory is a sieve, and I pick up my camera to document each milestone, each expression, each phase and cling to these moments. My goal is to create images that one day will bring these memories flooding back, not just for myself, but for my girls as well. To make images that recall to their minds these days of childhood, here are a few tips for photographing the way our children see the world.

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before and after photo edit from Sally Molhoek

7 insanely fabulous processing transformations

When it comes to editing your photos, there are endless possibilities. There’s the obvious options like black and white or color and Photoshop or Lightroom but the choices go far beyond that. With numerous tools and tricks in editing software, the options are endless.

Today we have asked 7 photographers to share a video of them editing so you can learn some new techniques. Enjoy and make sure you bookmark this page so you can come back and reference it again :)

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