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before and after edit in ACR and Photoshop by Marissa Gifford

Before and After: a backlit edit in ACR and Photoshop

I love doing before and after videos, but sometimes I get bored looking at my own work over and over. So for this video, I decided to chose an image from a fellow Clickin Mom to edit instead!

I love this adorable shot from Montreal portrait photographer Anda Panciuk. This sweet moment seems so girly and typical of childhood, and I love the way she’s lost in the moment playing with her skirt. In ACR, I increased exposure and contrast, straightened the image and warmed up the white balance. Then in Photoshop I cropped, blew out the windows completely, added contrast and added a few subtle tones to enhance an already beautiful image. Watch the video to see the steps I took to achieve this look!

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The photography journey of California photographer Vironica Golden

my photography journey | vironica golden

As long as I can remember, I’ve always loved visual arts. As a little girl I was always making something or drawing something. Growing up in Indonesia where a degree in arts is not very lucrative and parents are a big influence in choosing your career path, my mother steered me towards getting a degree in accounting. I moved to the United States for college in 1995. A year into college I decided to switch my major to graphic/packaging design that was more in line with my interest as a child.

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baby wearing a fox mask by Lily Glass

How to have a successful in-home lifestyle photo session

Some of my favorite keepsakes are the small black and white photographs of my grandmother as a young girl. The posed studio portraits are lovely but there’s something so special about the candid photo playing on the living room floor or rolling around in dirt wearing her Easter dress. These faded images provide a look into her past, her home, and the environment which shaped her everyday life.

Many families are opting for less posed and more lifestyle imagery of their little’s youngest years but shooting inside someone’s home offers a variety of challenges. Here are a few tips to help make the most of an at-home family session to capture a day in the life…

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close up portrait of boy in the falling snow by Celeste Pavlik

7 ways to photograph one child

I worry. I fret. Time. It is passing much too swiftly.

Disquieted. A quick, yet recognizable hard pound of a few heart beats as I allow my mind to linger and to dwell on the reality. That moment when I realize my little loves, my muses, my children, are not so little any more. I see them every day. Yet, when I finally lay my head down at night, too often my heart aches and I feel as though I have neglected to truly ‘see’ them. Individually. Free of their own inhibitions.

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A day in the life with Alabama photographer Lauren Sanderson

a day in the life | lauren sanderson

My day in the life was shot on Sunday, March 7th. I didn’t wake up knowing that I would document my whole day, it just started out that way and I decided to continue it. We had just gotten through the 2nd round of winter weather here in Alabama and oddly enough, the high temp was 70 on this day, so we took advantage of it. I documented the entire day with my Fuji XQ1 camera. I love this little camera because it fits in my pocket and it doesn’t elicit the same reactions from my girls that I get when I try and photograph them with my big camera. With this camera I just take a quick picture and then I’m done!

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pullback of studio strobe lighting situation by Alix Martinez

One Light, One Wall: strobe guide for beginners

There is a lot you can do with one strobe light (key light) and a white wall, oh and… a toddler of course.

The short winter hours outside are a perfect time to practice and play with strobe light equipment. You really don’t need that much of equipment to get started.

A strobe is a device that has a large spark through a tube filled with gas in order to produce light. The light made by these units have a short duration. Strobes can be set over a 6 stop power range. A basic strobe setup includes monolights or a power pack with separate strobe heads that plug into it (this is what I use – very powerful and commercial grade with faster recycle times).

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