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yawning baby by Kellie Bieser

11 pictures to take of your baby in the first month

You just had a baby, and whether you are inspired to pick-up that fancy camera for the first time or you are a seasoned pro, chances are you want to take a gazillion pictures of this new little soul who has just entered your world. Baby Bieser number four arrived this year and I know exactly how you feel. I also know that you are tired, overwhelmed, hormonal, and scatterbrained (at least I hope I am not the only one!).

I am here to help you out! Here is a list of 11 shots to get during baby’s first month of life. Check these off your list and you will be off to a great start documenting your new arrival.

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newborn yawning photo by Alicia Gould

4 ways to prepare for a newborn session

I’m a list maker and planner.

When we go to Disney, I’ve made our lunch reservations 6 months in advance and know what our route will be through each park. If I forget my grocery list at home, I’m guaranteed to forget something so why should my newborn sessions be any different? Since I’m so focused on the details during the session, preparing makes me feel more in control. In the heat (literally 80 degree heat) of a newborn session with a baby crying, it’s really easy to forget what you wanted to do! On the flip side, if you have an extremely sleepy baby and you run through your regular poses, sometimes you can draw a blank on what to do next.

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Two adorable girls laughing photo by Lisa Tichane of Tout Petit Pixel

8 embarrassing on the job photography stories

As photographers, our job is often to document life’s beauty through our lens.

But while many of the interactions in front of the camera are frame-worthy, some of the things that happen behind it deserve their own blooper reel. We’ve collected a few of our best (and worst) moments for today’s most embarrassing blog post yet.

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A day in the life with Florida photographer Bethney Backhaus

a day in the life | bethney backhaus

7:00 am! Baby Lennon is up. I put a few toys in bed with her with the hopes that she will let me get a few more minutes of sleep before we have to get up for the day.

I remember it’s a school day so I change the baby’s diaper and get Finley up. A quick breakfast and we hit the road.

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black and white ballerina photo by Kate Luber

my photography journey | kate luber

My photo journey began when…wait for it…my daughter was born! Surprise!

I guess the seeds were planted long before that. My uncle is a photographer in San Francisco. We don’t see him often, but once a year, he visits and brings his fancy camera. He not-so-secretly follows everyone around during holiday gatherings and takes candid shots of the family. We don’t see the photos for a year. When he comes again, he brings the photos from last year. It’s always fun to look back at the previous year…and also hope you’re not wearing the same outfit…

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