About Glimpse

Every week, Clickin Moms posts a list of daily photo prompts centered around capturing a glimpse of your life … everything from “What’s For Breakfast” to “The Inside of Your Fridge” to “Your Child’s Shadow” to “Your Favorite Restaurant.”

To participate, simply shoot your themed image with your iPhone or Android, tag it #cmglimpse, and post it to Instagram! All tagged photos will show up in our  grid based gallery at www.clickinmoms.com/glimpse. There you’ll get a glimpse into photographers’ lives across the world — every day, you’ll find a series of images that showcase each participant’s favorite book, her car, her backyard, what dinner looks like, etc. – from Tokyo to New York.

Want to easily find and follow fellow photographers who are participating in the project? Simply click on a photo to view the original Instagram page that hosts the image — and learn a little more about the photographer behind the image.

Consistent with the overarching objectives of Clickin Moms, this project is intended to illustrate some of the many ways that photography enriches people’s lives — as a vehicle to document the details of your life, facilitate creative expression, and bring women together socially.

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Glimpse daily photo prompts are posted each week in the CMpost (subscribe in the form to the right), on Facebook, on Twitter, and from the clickinmoms Instagram account.

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